Things change, that's good......I hope my Epilog Agrees 😁

I have just had a really good day getting to grips, little by little with the new laser, but, man it’s got some power. I’m used to a 25watt Epilog 26 years old, so it does stuff but, slow, little by little.

I was Engraving an image today with the new laser and understood that for very fine work it will be a challenge… 130 watt even at 10%, just over its firing threshold it burns. The image was super, IMHO but I want the 6445G and LightBurn functionality on the Epilog, so dear friends.

If you have already done this, or have wiring diagrams, information about the steppers on a 1996 Epilog Submit, or just fancy getting involved in a project, please get in touch.

I’m a long term Electronics and mechanical engineer currently developing embedded systems, hardware and software in the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Institute of Mechanics for anything without a pilot, so I know my way around a screwdriver :grin:

However a project is so much more fun with friends.

The controller is already ordered :grin:

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