Tile engraving norton

good day
I try to engrave a tile but it becomes very light

this is the setting does anyone know what i’m doing wrong
sprayed it with high gloss paint
greetings Ronald

Less speed,
This is mine done yesterday at 700 mm/min 77,5% power with 2.5W laser module @254 dpi, not grayscale but dithering

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what do you mean by dithering

This is the formal definition used by the software:

I think this is worth review:

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thank you for this
get to work with it
greetings Ronald

just another thing go here to prepare your photos for NWT then choose “pass-through” in palette definition :wink:

is this method suitable for a diode laser, have now done it with 600 / 80 but still remains light

what kind of paint are you using for this work? if you are in the USA i suggest to use Rustoleum this one

I used this one
from the construction market in the Netherlands.
what should you pay attention to when buying the paint?
greetings Ronald

All paints for use with a laser diode have to contain Titanium Dioxide, that is the element which makes tiles engraved by laser

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@bernd.dk might have some idea on a paint you can use.

No, unfortunately, tiles are some of the materials I have not experimented with and I am actually also interested in some spray paint that can be used for this purpose and can be bought in the EU.

i don’t know in your country but, as i told before, the essential is the Titanium Dioxide that is a component of most antirust

i use this but i don’t know if is sold also where you live.

:+1: Thank you

:flushed: …use to whiten chocolate…

Finally something we can eat when it is not good enough from the laser :yum:
(but the chocolate must be purchased separately)

Thanks everyone for the response, I’ll try it with other paints.
now know what to pay attention to and will show the result here greetings Ronald

I have tried different brands and also with different settings but it still doesn’t work.
is this method possible with a 5.5w diode laser
Would love to hear it and does anyone have a guideline for the settings.
grt Ronald

in all brands you have tried there is the component i told before? TiO2?
I engrave tiles with both 5.5 and 2.5W diode

according to the hardware store here, yes, but now go and order the paint via the link you gave me.
let you know, thank you