Tile preperation

Ok, i have managed to create some aweaome tiles with my ortur lm2 20 watt (5.5) laser.

All has been great with my tiles until i noticed how freaking easy it is to scratch the paint off. I am trying to make these as a item to sell and they need to be durable. Here ia how im preparing the tiles:

  1. Clean the glossy white ceramic tile with 100% acetone and let dry.
  2. Coat with color of choice. I use rustolium 2x.
  3. Let paint dry for an hour or so then coat with black.
  4. Let black paint dry and cure
  5. Etch the project and clean with brush or cloth.
  6. Cover with 2 coats of clear.

Seems to not be durable enough. Should i sand the tile?


Several resources that might help…


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