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Good evening! Hoping someone can shed a little light on this for me. I have two laser machines one is an Ortur LM2 15w and the other a Neje master 2s max 40w. I have an image that I processed in Lightburn and engraved on scratch paper and all is well as far as that goes. I’m a little confused I guess that the Neje’s time to run the job is 1hr and 54 mins and on the Ortur it’s 44 mins. This is using the exact same file and settings on each machine. I know all machines are different but I would expect the times to be closer. Am I missing something?

Thanks Isaac.

I am guessing that your GRBL settings for acceleration and maximum speed are different for each machine. After I tuned my Sainsmart up and increased the acceleration, I had similar differences between runtimes on the same file before and after tune up.
I believe if you compare $110, $111, $112 and $120, $121, $122 on each of the machines, you will find that the one that had a faster run time has higher values in at least some of these parameters between each machine.

Lightburn reads your controller GRBL settings to get the actual values for the machine that is connected. Since you are getting a difference in runtime from Lightburn, this is likely where it is getting differing values.

Hope that helps.

Before you hose around with the numbers, save the factory configuration somewhere. I save my machine setting when I change things, keeping all the previous setups…

It’s also a lot easier to manage these setting from withing ‘Edit → Machine Settings’. You can load, save, write and read from that menu.

Good luck


Thanks a bunch! Will definitely check those out in the morning.

I have a question about the job time.

Are you using the elapsed time at the end of the job in the Console window or are you using the Total time estimated in the Preview window?

The elapsed time is accurate but the estimated time is informed by Simulation Settings in the Additional Settings window behind the Device Settings window. The Simulation settings are not informed by your engraver until you go to that tab and click the ‘Read From Controller’ button.

I have gotten some wildly inaccurate time estimates by having incorrect settings in that window.

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