To write text on wood

Hello All,
I have a Neje Master 2S, 20w, and would like to print text on wood (not cut).
I have done some monkey experiments, but I would like to better understand the relation between speed, number of passes and % power.
I mean, for example, if it is equivalent to do 2 passes at 50% vs one at 100%, or 1 pass at 50% at half speed.
Thanks for your comments!
p.s. BTW, what do you recommend to print text on wood?

This is so laser specific I would print out a test. Material Cut/Scan Test Files - Power Scale

After you do this you have an idea of power to speed and what it does.

I agree!

That’s exactly what I did for both my lasers, and I also did a Raster Color Gradient on the other side of the material, identifying what the material was, and the speed it was cut at, so once I saw the line showing the speed I liked the “color” of from the chart shown in the video, I can now see the raster gradients AT that speed.