Top Wisdom Air assist issue

Hi all,

I have a 80w 1300x900 Chinese laser cutter and I’m trying to setup the air assist so it is controlled by the machine/software. From what I can tell it has a Top Wisdom TL-30x controller.

I’m trying to connect a 5v relay to run a solenoid that controls the air flow, so that I can air assist on for cutting and off for engraving via software.

On the output section of the board, there are 3 terminals, positive, negative and OUT8 which corresponds with the air signal when you turn air assist on.


  • Previously, when the machine is operating, positive and negative would produce 5v and OUT8 only produced 1.6v, which isn’t enough to trigger a relay.


  • When the machine is operating, Positive and negative drop to 1v and OUT8 only produces 0.6v, which is much worse than before.
  • This only occurs if I select ‘open air’ in Corel or turn air assist on in LightBurn
  • If I don’t select any air assist, positive and negative stay at 5v, and OUT8 has 0v.

I’m really confused and have no idea where to go next. This issue occurs whether I use LightBurn or Corel Laser.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m relatively new to lasers but have a reasonable level of technical abilities.


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