TopWisdom and rotary information for new user

Hi all, my first post on this group, so please be kind :slight_smile:
I have recently ordered one of the Chinese, Red and Black 60W Lasers, that is advertised as VEVOR. I’m in Australia so trying to get information from the seller has been very difficult. Now first thing I have noticed is that it is probably only 50W as the length of the unit would not hold a 60W tube unless an extra section was added to the side of the unit, but that is OK for the moment.
Looking at the photos it would appear it has the TopWisdom TL410C controller. I can see it has a powered Z axis for up and down to allow me to get the correct focus, but what I want to know, if someone out there does knows, is can this controller also allow a Rotary and will Lightburn work with it.

The unit should be delivered in about a week, so any help would be appreciated.


The controller supports rotary, yes. It will also work with LightBurn. We haven’t completed rotary support yet, but I’m expecting to in the next update or two.

Thanks for the reply @LightBurn, I’m looking forward to getting my laser and working with your software.


@LightBurn Lightburn. We have an 80w red and black laser. With top wisdom controller. Have. Got at extra cost. The rotary attachment. But cant get it to work due to no set up menu in tools bar plz help

Hi, did you manage to get the rotary with topwisdom working yet? Do you have a work around suggestion or an ETA please?

Rotary is already available, but through the Machine Settings window.

From Oz:

TopWisdom uses a different way of setting up the rotary than I’ve seen before, and I’m not certain how it’s used, so I need to learn it first before I can integrate their settings into our rotary setup tools.

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Go to Edit > Machine Settings in LightBurn and you have the exact same controls available as you do in AutoLaser:


If it works in AutoLaser it should work here as well.

No. Still havent got it. Set up. No menu bar in tools to do so

Have not tried auto laser. As we have paid for light burn so wanting to use. This program

Ok, so as I said, go to the Edit menu, then Machine Settings, and you will see those four control values. That is what TopWisdom provides in their own software for rotary setup.

LightBurn allows you to change the settings in the same way that the stock software does, so there is no limitation in functionality here, I just don’t know enough about how it works yet to guide you through the setup.

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Thank you I haven’t plugged the laptop into the laser yet that’s why I couldn’t make out how to do it. Will try that tomorrow first thing . Cheers for your fast response and helping this newbie .

@LightBurn Thanks for supporting. I have gone to machine settings. Changed to rotary attachment but it wont write to too wisdom. I have rotary attachment connected and can manually jog but it only travels half rotation then jams. Then can jog opposite way and jams again.

There were a couple issues with how the machine settings were being parsed internally - I’ve made the required changes, so now the rotary enable setting is working. Can both of you try this version:

That’s the Windows 64 bit version with the fixes. It should allow you to set the rotary parameters and change the machine between Normal and Rotary mode properly.

Hi Oz,

I tested it and it looks good.
I was able to switch the diameter in LightBurn.

But the Refer Resolution is shown wrong in LightBurn

I am able to change to rotary mode and write says successfully written. But then when read it has automatically changed back to normal.
Why wont it write to controller. Topwisdom.
I am also able to change on topwisdom to round and 80 mm diameter for chuck. Seems two dont talk ? Chuck will jog manually about a quarter turn then jam and jog back other way. X axis will jog left and right manually

Have latest version

I’m trying to figure out how to add a rotary to my 80w red and black. same controller. I’d like to know how it’s connected. and more about setting up the rotary. if you have any good information of documentation. or even youtube videos that help! Thank you!!!

Do you mean you already have 0.9.14, or you downloaded from the link I sent? They are not the same.

I have updated the version posted to the link above - the Reference Diameter value is now read and written properly as well. Apologies folks - TopWisdom support is new, and the rotary part in particular is still new even to me.

Restarted computer and downloading file get back to u tomorrow with result. Thanks. Again