Trace the cut boundary with laser on

Is there a way of tracing the boundary of the object to be cut with the laser on? lets say pwr at 1% just to accurately see if the boundaries are ok ? It’s difficult to tell whether I’m inside my working area by just looking at the laser head moving around the boundary.
I tried turning on the test fire option but as soon as I hit “Frame” the laser is shut off.

Try holding down the shift key when you click frame.

Enable laser fire button

Diode lasers often don’t have a red-dot pointer like CO2 lasers do, so it is often useful to enable them at low power for focusing or framing. (Please do NOT do this if you have a CO2 laser, as the beam is invisible and this could blind you or start a fire). Turning on this setting will enable a button and a power setting on the Move Window that allows you to turn on the laser at low power for focusing and positioning.

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Excellent!!! It worked… Thanks :slight_smile:

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