Transfer failed lighburn 1.1.03

I am using an Ortur Laser Master 2 with Lightburn software, after I used the YRR rotary device for the firs time and went back to print, I got a message that read TRANSFER FAILED LIGHBURN 1.1.03 can anyone offer an assistance?

You may need to right-click the ‘Device’ button in the ‘Laser’ window, to reset the connection. :slight_smile:

Rick, I did it but it is still not working machine powers up but no movement

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Mine won’t do anything on the right click of the button.

Please provide additional information as to what are the exact steps you are taking, what you expect to happen, and what you observe. We are trying to “see” what you do. Did you turn the rotary off in LightBurn? Did you restart your laser and it is not homing? It is homing, but you cannot control the movement using the Move controls in LightBurn? :slight_smile:

Kim is working with a grbl laser system and I see you are working with a Ruida DSP system, which is very different, and you have not provided much for us to work with. Please provide further information. Make a new post, using the following process, to get the best results possible.

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