Trasfer Failure notcie after switching everything from my PC to a Mac

I just switched everything from my PC to a Mac. Lightburn says its recognized the Ruida and yet I get file transfer failed notices. I was able to get it to frame the file once and then nothing. It doesn’t appear I have multiple windows open to cause a busy signal, but I’m really new to Mac so I am willing to try all the tips.

Ruida controlled lasers aren’t great when driven by USB. The USB in them is primitive - USB 1.1 - with little error-correction and subject to the whims of the quality of the USB cable you use.

I use a Mac exclusively, both for work on my laser, and at work servicing, integrating and diagnosing lasers - a lot of them with Ruida controllers - and haven’t had a problem.

Apple is a sticker for adhering to hardware standards, where PCs are assembled from components that may or may not observe standards.

In my experience, the cable is the critical component, as is the correct driver.

Which is why I always recommend to use Ethernet.

It’s far superior as a connection method - faster, good error-correction, reliable, and cheap to implement. You don’t need a hub or a switch, you can just connect a cable - up to 100M long - between your Mac and the laser. A 10M Cat5E Ethernet cable is <$20. A lot cheaper than a 5M quality USB cable with ferrite chokes and decent connectors.

I won’t repeat the how and why - do a quick search of MacOS and Ethernet on here. I’ve made a couple of posts about it, but if you get stuck, reach out.

Ok I hooked up the Ethernet and LB says the laser is ready… yet nothing is going through. “There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused”

Can you try one of the builds from this post, using USB again?:

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