Trocen controller and new PiBurn rotary. Would love some guidance if anyone has this combo too

I have a new PiBurn Rotary and a Trocen controller on my Laser. I know I can’t use Lightburn to control the rotary and that must be done through the controller but I’m stuck. I need to figure out the Pulse Count number and anytime I try and test anything with the rotary the laser head jogs all the way to the right and starts the job there. I guess I’m clueless on how to actually control it from the controller. Is anyone on here that has a Trocen/rotary combo and is willing to walk me through setup and use? I’m desperate to get up and running. Thanks so much in advance for any help.

I have a PiBurn and a Ruida, but they essentially the same critters…

You need to look at the motor drivers to tell the steps/rotation.

Mine is 2000 steps/rotation… The PiBurn has a 2.5:1 ratio to the driving wheel, so the steps/rotation for the rotary is 2000 X 2.5 = 5000

Steps/rotation of driver X (gear ratio) = steps/rotation in the rotary setup…

Then you only need to know the ‘wheel’ diameter which is about 63… Mine ended up the best at 62mm.


Make sense?

Good luck


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