Trocen origin setting for camera use?

Just setup my camera in Lightburn for my HP2436. Does anyone know the proper setting for the HP2436 controller so that when I drop something onto lightburn overlay it actually goes to the right spot. Mine keeps going to 0,0.

I have the controller set to soft origin.

Soft Origin should be the correct setting. Check that you have the Job Origin set to the same corner as your machine origin - I think that’s a bug in the current release, fixed for the next one. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Nope, I update overlay and everything looks great. Drag a circle onto the frame and it shows up fine. Frame it and the frame runs from 0,0 on the machine.


Oz?, did you have a chance to look at the screenshot?

There’s nothing in it that suggests anything wrong. Have you tried the other two origin mode settings in the controller?

Tried them all, same issue. On Lightburn there is a dropdown called “start from” that the only option I have is “Controller Setting”. My controller is the AWC708C Plus. Version

Trocen controllers do not give the option of changing the origin setting from software which is why you only have “Controller Setting” available - There are no commands that allow me to change the setting from software. Do you have LaserCAD installed? I’d be interested to see if using the ‘Soft Origin’ option with LaserCAD has the same results.

Just tried LaserCAD, seems to move to position and box correctly. No camera so not sure how exact it is but it is not starting at 0,0.
Strange thing, now I go back into Lightburn and it is starting from a different place, not 0,0 but not where it should according to the camera???

Just tried something different. Using my mouse I moved it over the green dot in the upper corner of the circle. From the footer I looked at the x,y position. I put those numbers in Lightburn and told it to move to that position. I then did the box and it was in the right place??? So something is not moving to the upper corner of the graphic.

Still stuck, any ideas?

None. ‘Soft Origin’ means that the software sets the origin position - it behaves like Absolute Coordinates does on Ruida controllers, and has worked for others.

‘Key Origin’ means you press the origin key (button) to set the origin, and that is the equivalent of User Origin for Ruida controllers.

You say they both behave the same, so I’m at a loss.

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