Trolase Materials settings with red/black 100 W laser

I have a red-black 700x500 100W laser. I have some samples of TroLase. Someone has used them and has some power and speed settings for these materials.

Thank you

I do not have personal experience with this material, sorry. When I set up for a new material I use a testing file to dial in the settings that work best. Have a read here for better understanding:

Grab that file, adjust ranges for your setup and run on a scrap piece of material.

Mine is 50W so you will need to probably halve the power or double the speed. Big thing for me was to turn off the air assist on engrave or the surface colour was forced into the engraving. It looked horrible with the red trolase.
This is the cut settings for 1.6mm

Engrave settings



Not 100W but my 50W red black ruida laser settings are
Engrave 250mm/s @ 18% power No Air Assist
Cut 10mm/s @ 18% power Air assist.
Engraves beatifully and cuts just through.