Troubles adding my ruida laser to LightBurn

I have a Ruida laser, I wanted to connect it to mi MacBook but it doesn’t recognise it, so I tried adding it manually but Ruida doesn’t appear as an option. I tried with my brother’s computer that runs windows, and in that one lightburn does have the ruida option. Anybody has the same problem or knows why is not in apple but it is in windows?

If LightBurn was purchased with the GRBL Licence only you will need to upgrade to the additional DSP Licence to run the Ruida as well. If you purchased the DSP Licence it comes with the GRBL licence and no upgrade is necessary.

Please email to verify which licence you have and upgrade if you need to.

When you say that I need to upgrade you mean that I have to pay again? :smiling_face_with_tear: and the DSP is twice the price of the GRBL

You don’t have to purchase a new license, but you’ll need to add DSP devices to your existing license.

DSP devices, unlike GCode systems, are not documented in any way, so the amount of effort required for LightBurn to support them is significantly higher.

The DSP licence is twice as expensive but if you have already bought your GRBL licence then that part is already paid for. You can upgrade to the more expensive licence by paying the incremental cost.

I believe that LightBurn wanted to keep the software cost low for diode lasers and had originally written the LightBurn code for the DSP machines.

Okay, so I upgraded the license successfully but now my MacBook sill doesn’t recognise the laser. I tried exporting the configuration from my other laptop where I was able to connect it but that didn’t solve the problem either.

Did you follow the steps of de-activating and re-activating the key?

It sounds like you’ve solved this problem and now you want to work on the connection or configuration issue. If you could start a new thread that’d be great. Be sure to communicate what works, what doesn’t and what was unexpected.

This may help too.

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yes yes, that part is solved

right, thank you

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