When i first started my laser up i was getting alarm 11. Now the lazer will move frim front to back but not side to side. How do i correct this?

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I took a look for Alarm 11 on the GRBL docs.

Might you mean Error 11?

Please screenshot the error in the Console window.

Error 11 can be caused by incorrectly enabling ‘GCode Clustering’ in Machine Settings when the engraver is not prepared for the modified GCode.

You can check this in LightBurn by selecting Edit then Device Settings.

Let us know what you discover.

Alarm 9 is letting you know that the Homing failed.

The head of the engraver was commanded to move toward the limit switches and one of the switches didn’t trigger.

This can be caused by broken or disconnected wires to the motor, a damaged controller, a defective switch or using a rotary attachment.

Because the side-to-side motion is not present the next step is to test for loose screws on the motor drive sprocket. Use an Allen Key or Hex Key to confirm that the screws are tight.

other tests include:

  • Moving the engrave head slowly by hand to confirm it’s not physically stuck or binding.

  • Unplugging the motor control cables at the controller and switching them. If the symptom moves (from not moving Side-to-Side now not moving Front to Back) the controller is unable to drive the motor. Don’t forget to switch the cables back after testing.

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