Trying to fire up a new Mini Gerbil

I’m stuck at “Waiting for connection” in the Console window. Taking a look at the Debug logs, I keep seeing “Port Open Failed” so it looks like LB isn’t able to open the USB port…?

D: Found port: PID 22336 VID 1155
D: Manufacturer: “tomeko net”
D: Product: “STM32F103C8T6”
D: Name: “ttyACM0”
D: Port open failed

Any quick tips?

Edit: Tries removing machine configuration and recreating it, still nothing.

SOLVED: Had to run LB run as root:

~/LightBurn:$ sudo ./Apprun

Interesting, as I hadn’t had to run it as root for anything else up to the point. I suspect that I need to add myself to some group or check permissions on the port in /dev or something.

Ah well, this worked! :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re running on Linux. Next time you have a question, be sure to mention that. I should’ve caught it, your port name is Linux specific after all, but nobody’s perfect.

You are correct. Do this:

sudo adduser $USER dialout