Trying to increase the speed of the laser when moving between burn spot

NEW user in this world so … I recently purchase FoxAlien LE4040 LED 20W laser engraver, Works fine with LaserGRBL and Lightburn. Noticed that with Lightburn, the laser travel always at the same speed as when it burns or when it moves to the next object to burn. With laserGRBL, the laser moves fast between burn object. Can this function be enable on LighBurn? It would really speed up project.
When I turn on laserGRBL the console reports GRBL 1.1. I believes it means I am running GRBL version. 1.1.

Maybe this thread can help you:

I am looking at all the menus in Lightburn. Where is the GO settings between cuts?

Look for whitespace settings in menu.

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I have a 20w lm2 and have whitespace set at 2500 works just right for me.

That is wonderfull. That will speed up my projects. I just got to learn the new lingo.
Thanks. fixed my problem

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