Trying to setup camera

Tryed 3 time and getting the same results. Off in the x about an inch and y is off by 6 inches? Is there any adjustment or offsets to adjust? New to the laser community. Setting up a Hd3655 boss laser.

If you have a Boss HP you need to put it into ‘Soft Origin’ mode for the camera system to work - Soft Origin is the same as Absolute Coords on a Ruida controller.

Here’s how you change it:

Is that only when I am using the camera? Or do I need to toggle back and forth?

When using the camera to align work it has to be able to position jobs where it wants them, not relative to the user origin. When using the camera to place work you have to be in Soft Origin mode. You have to use this mode when running the Camera Alignment process too.

Awesome thanks that worked.

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