Turn on Xtool d1pro20w and it keep trying past home position grinding sound

This all started after I tried hooking up the rotary, I stopped working on it and put everything back to normal. I want to make my home position x5 and y5 this way its never at zero zero. It wont let me upload a video of the issue. when I turn on the laser it wont stop trying to go to the back wall its just grinding awayhttps://photos.app.goo.gl/Cy4EihxZzEFAUWR88

Check this, see if related. Read through the end.
Your chain of events sounds similar.

this is so confusing, I am paying a guy 40.00 to log in remotely and he will go and set everything they way it should be, I have taken two classes from him already I trust him and he will get me back on track. Question is Lightburn software 1.2.03 the same as Lightburn firmware? if not how do I check my firmware etc

I don’t comprehend your last message.
There is no such thing as LightBurn firmware. It is just a software. It is compatible with GRBL that is the basis for firmware that is usually compatible with LightBurn software.
If you follow thread I’ve referenced - you may try to reset to defaults, just like described there. Previous person appeared to get into same trouble as you are and reset to defaults helped. You may try that. I have no idea beyond that.