Turning a rectangular shape into a circle

So, I am trying to figure out if theres any easy way of taking this …mildly tribal tattoo rectangle “shape” to form into a circle, or even repeat the shape a few times to make a less stretched circle with the tools inside lightburn.

howtocircle.lbrn2 (26.7 KB)

is this just something I’d have to do in a separate art program or am I just missing some simple options?

You may be able to use the same approach described here:

mm, I figure that it probably is, but I was more hoping something that would let me keep a consistent size, like keeping the theoretical circle the same width the whole way but I suppose thats a bit more then the tools are designed for.

I have extended your viking pattern itself to reach a quarter circle, which I have then copied on the path (help circle). I have used LightBurn’s new 16 point deform tool. For this, I have first drawn 4 circles, suitable for the object height. From the center I draw 4 auxiliary/construction lines. I use the intersection points as a reference for the deformation itself. It takes a little time, but can be done in LightBurn.

Vikinger-cirkel.lbrn2 (170.2 KB)

Right, I will see if I can make that work, thank you.

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