Twin Head Problem

Hello LightBurn Oz.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the software. You are currently providing the best software and technical support on the market. I congratulate you as someone who has run a software company in the past and is somewhat familiar with the subject.

I haven’t purchased your software yet. However, I will get LightBurn when the two problems I consider to be problems are fixed. And I’ll update all my archives to “lbrn”.

Currently I am using TunderLazer RDworksV8.01.44 version as software. There is a very important reason I prefer TunderLazzer. I will explain this in detail later (in the second question).

The first issue I had a problem with;
Laser 2 definitely does not work unless I save the “Head num” value under “Multi Head Outo Layout” tab in the picture as 1.

Do you have the ability to correct this situation in your software?
If a live test is required for the fix, I can run your test EXE on my own machine.

I’ve been doing the tests on this issue since 0.9.04 version. The situation did not change at 0922.

Machine: China, 100x150 twin head 130-150W RDC6442S-B(EC)

Not sure I follow what the question is, exactly. LightBurn supports dual-head systems using a Ruida controller. The controller configuration must be set correctly to utilize this setup first.

Additionally, in LightBurn, flip On (green) ‘Enable Laser 2 Controls’ and apply a ‘Laser 2 Offset’ if required in the ‘Device Settings’ window.

LightBurn also provides access to the controller settings directly to make it a bit easier to control these settings as well. To view, go to ‘Edit’→’Machine Settings’. You may need to unroll clicking on the left to expose the settings for that section underneath.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I think it is ok with Ruida configuration.

There is a “Head num” value under the “Multi Head Outo Layout” tab in RDworks configuration. As a value in this field, we write the physical distance between the two heads (Default 186.00 mm for my machine when the machine is reset). Otherwise, in the Z axis, the stepper motor does not automatically calculate the distance between the two drawings. (This situation is valid for RDworks)

On the other hand;
4. Shown in the picture.
If the “HeadNum” value is “2”, the second laser does not work in LightBurn.
If the “Head Num” value is “1”, LightBurn is running the second laser.

When “Head Num” value is “2”; Even if “laser 2 offset” x = 186.00 mm value is written, laser 2 does not work. 2. Shown in the picture.

I want to be able to use both RDworks and LightBurn “Head Num” without modification.

The real bad thing is that; When the value is 1, the zero point magnetic switch for the Z motor does not work.

My English is poor, I hope I explained it.

I will need to look into these settings and the effect that they have on the generated output from RDWorks, if any. I cannot promise a specific time-frame, but I will log this in our bug tracking system and link to this forum post, so you’ll be notified when I have a chance to check it and run some tests.

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Thank you so much. I am waiting. But it will be hard to be patient :slight_smile:

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