Two circles fill in between but but leave letters in that area

Have two circles I want to fill, have letters inbetween I want to Leave

OK, so is this a question? :wink:

Show what you have in mind, and we can provide a suggested workflow.

you mean like this?

I created the two circles in the same layer/color, then selected both and used Tools->Boolean to combine them. After that, I created the text inside the design and my default, the FILL setting for the layer will give you what you see in the image.

The laser turns on at one side and when it reaches and edge of the design it turns off, then back on at the next edge. etc etc. see what happens when you just move the text with portions wholely outside the boolean circle areas?

dont.lbrn (20.5 KB)


I want the filled portoin to etch but not the letters

Set the text layer to ‘Fill’ to achieve the look you are after. To better understand, read how LightBurn uses the boundary of shapes as a toggle when filling shapes.

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