Two trees totem S 40W, engraving/cutting speed and power info needed

Hi to All,
Being relatively new in the “laser bussiness” i could use a hand in setting up.
Is there anyone with a similar machne who could give me a fair startingpoint on cutting and engraving on balsa, poplar ply and dense birch ply. Being a modelglider guider thicknesses will be in the 1-6 (3/64"to 1/4") mm for balsa, 3+4 mm(about 1/8") poplar and 1-3 mm birch(3/64-1/8)
Thanks already


There’s a great deal of variability with machines and materials. Relative humidity and workshop temperature can also impact your work.

Have a look at Finished Creations to see if anyone has shared their settings. Also, you may want to run engraving and cutting tests on the particular materials you will be using.

This may be worth review:

Thanks John,
I will certainly take a look at the test settings. Part of the reason for asking is that i dislike putting good materials up for these tests if not really neccesary. Feels a bit of a waste.
Regards, Erik

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