Two trees® totem s 40w

hi there would be a TWO TREES® TOTEM S 40W my machine was out of power after this the machine doesn’t move the Y X axis is down zero you can help with the setup

Thank you for this post, but you have not offered much regarding a technical explanation of what is or is not happening with your setup. You can post in your native language if that would be helpful. We can translate here.

Please review this and provide as much as you can to help us “see” what you do.

Munka közben áram kimaradás volt és minden nullára csökkent

De közben megoldódott a probléma a számítógépről minden programot el kellettem távolítani majd újra telepíteni igaz ez is csak másodszor sikerült.

There was a power outage while working and everything dropped to zero

But in the meantime the problem was solved from the computer all the programs I had to uninstall and then reinstall it was true only for the second time.