Two Trees Totem S / Air Assist Control

Totem S does not have a connector to control an air assist pump. Is there a board from another manufacturer that has the connector that can be swapped in?

Also, there’s a whte 3-pin connector on the board that the documentation labels as “Probe”. What is/could this connector be used for?

this is for autofocus sensor but i don’t think that GRBL has implemented this funcion on the firmware

Trying to avoid buying a new laser. Be great if I could simply swap the main board for one that has a connector for controlling “air assist”.

i don’t even know if there is one controller that has that connector which can be enabled with GRBL firmware

there is a motherboard that has the air assist controlled by a pin, is the MakerBase MKS-DLC32 on pin SCL

Thanks! Seems crazy with how important air assist is that it’s not a standard feature on all boards, especially with the option in the software like LightBurn.

you need to use a relay and configure LB to use M7 for air assist instead of M8

Thanks for the info!

Would that be the “CNC principal axis (spindle)” connection?

for what use? airassist? no in this board and with the MKS firmware you have to connect the signal relay to SCL pin of the 12C interface (in this pict is the one in the bottom) the use G and 5V from Probe intraface

Yes, it would be for air assist and I understand that I’ll have to incorporate a relay, which is not a problem. I just wanted to ensure the functionality would be there before I ordered the board. Would you mind sketching a simple schematic? Thanks

very very simple :slight_smile:

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just remember to use M7 to activate air instead of M8

Awesome! Thanks…

I’ve had a number of issues with the Totem S board. The laser freezes fairly frequently, and based on the symptoms, it’s definitely the main board and/or firmware.