Twotrees TS2 Not getting anywhere near full speed?


For the first time ive tried engraving at a higher speed.
Twotrees advertise the TS2 can go up to 10,000mm/min however im finding anything above 4,000 and it doesnt get any quicker and speed varies on the same line.

Ive checked in the device settings after a read and the max x and y are set to 10,000.

Tried a different cable.

Im wondering if its power supply issues, it slows on darker detailed bits from what i can work out.

Any ideas of what to check?


Is this doing images or normal vectors?

After a bit more searching it seems to be because of using greyscale.

Think i worked out im trying to sent min 1250 instructions at 6000mm/min when this post suggests 800-1000 is the max a 32bit board can do.

Yes, Grayscale gcode is extreamly dense.
Most controllers bog down. not much that can be done really.

Could suggest TTS to implement lightBurn Gcode Cluster :smiley: