UI Resolution Issue

I know there was already a thread about this, but it’s closed now and I can’t add to it.

I have the same issue, my monitor requires scaling in Windows to 250% in order to support 4k resolution. In LightBurn menus and icons are out of alignment and no matter what setting I try, there are still popups and menus that do not display things properly. Please see example below:

I don’t have this problem with any other software. LightBurn UI seems to have been developed based on 100% font settings, which is not optimum. UI controls should not be dependent on a specific font scales.

Do you have any suggestions?

Any solutions to the UI scaling problem?

Moving LightBurn from one monitor screen to another in a multi-screen setup becomes is a nightmare in setting changes every time, if any of the screens have any scales other than 100% (eg. for accessibility reasons). No other software has this


Have you looked at this video?

I don’t know how this behaves on multi-monitor setups but this should help you resolve the base scenarios.

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Wow… that actually solved ALL my problems! (… well, not personal problems, lol). I can move LB from monitor to monitor without issues now.

That’s strange that it has to override windows handling of high DPIs. But anyways, I’m really happy, thanks so much for pointing this out.


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