UI text rendering issue with HiDPI settings in Windows 11 - UI font size doesn't persist with relaunch

I’ve noticed a potential problem with UI rendering of parts of the application. This only occurs when I’ve selected a custom font size. Specifically, while text size changes look correct when first configured subsequent relaunches of the application revert to default text sizes but only for certain sections of the UI. I notice this specifically in the Laser controls frame and the informational text at the bottom of the application.

Is this a bug or something I’m doing wrong?

Some specifics about my setup:

  1. Windows 11
  2. 2240x1400 display @ 150% scale
  3. no overrides for HiDPI - I’ve tried changing this in every combination with no effect on this

What I see:

What I expect to see:

I previously used Lightburn on a retina Mac and don’t recall having this issue.

Maybe not enough coffee for me yet (or too much), but I need you to point out the difference, as I am not seeing what you are sharing. :slight_smile:

Attaching an annotated screenshot. Focus on the size of the rendered text labels in the outlined sections. The screenshot with the larger text is how it should look and how it looks when the choice is first made. However, upon application restart the text reverts to a smaller size as noted.

Annotated screenshot:

Expected screenshot:

@Rick Have you had a chance to review this? Not a major issue but mildly annoying as I need to manually resize text every time I open LightBurn. If it’s just something I’m doing wrong then I’d like to know.

When you say “need to manually resize” are you saying that you’re changing the slider in LightBurn for text size, but it’s not keeping that change when you re-run the application?

Yes. Precisely. The text size change does not survive a relaunch of the application. I need to go back into settings and click on the slider control for text size (without even sliding it) to recover the expected text size.

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