UK laser recommendations for £2000


I’m just starting out down the laser path, with the ultimate aim of building a little side hustle of earning £100-200 per month once retirement hits.

I’m looking to spend around £2000 and no more than £2500 on a complete set up, ease of use are high up on the list…i’d rather put my time into creating rather than tinkering with set up if thats possible…

I was looking at these two which include delivery (assume I should also budget on buying a chiller unit)

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Hi, if you are buying from outside the uk you must also take into account of import duties which i believe are 20-25% plus delivery.
Hopefully you can get one from uk…

Hi Thanks for this, I have found a UK supplier for a 100w machine…it does mean i’ll have to up my budget a little though

Nice one. :+1:
Any chance of a link for the supplier, been looking myself.
I should have got one before ‘Brexit’. :pensive:

Hi Kris…its was a company in wales called Red dragon laser, I think…let me know how you get on…I’m new to this so any thoughts appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Shaun, just been looking at the site.(thank you)
Seem like nice machines.
Going by what it says, seem to be nice nice pieces of kit.
They say they deliver, set it up and give on site training with 12 months hotline support.
Seems like it would be pretty hard to beat…
Added bonus, compatible with Lightburn. :+1:
At the moment my money has to go on the home, hot water/heating tank decided it was time to play up :grimacing:
If it were my choice, I would be on the phone and ordering one but my better half, for some unknown reason would rather have warmth and hot water, never could work out how a woman thinks… :rofl:
Keep me updated.

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