Ultimate Ortur Laser Master 2 LED Laser UPGRADE 😍

Hey guys,

i have a laserpower problem and thats the way, i’ve solved it :sunglasses: I bought a 3V laser diode and a 3V power adapter. Fired the fire button, so that i had a mark dot to calibrate the diode. I put hot glue on the Ortur laser head and set the diode dot right on the marking dot. Now i can see without a frame branding, where my laser works :wink: Im so happy now!


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Why install a red dot when you can frame with laser at 1% with Lightburn?
Maybe i a missing something?

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The laser is correct assembled and he burn the surface right at 0,01% :-o So i had to solve the problem.

Ah i recall the PWM issue that will fire at full power even with smallest pwm?
Justin got in touch correct?

Do you mean this Justin? In my case not.

Hi, we finally were able to find some help. Turns out the laser we received was faulty. We were able to troubleshoot and work with justin tan at ortur@ortur3dprinter.com. Best of luck that you receive some resolution.

I copied that from another thread from this hp :blush:

These are my configurations:

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