Unable to adjust the power always 100%

Hello, I have a 20W Ortur laser master 2 driven with a MacBook pro and Lightburn V0.9.20. I have the power which seems to be blocked at 100% even with the fire button at 0.25%, I burn everything …
Ortur replaced the laser module and the problem is the same.
Do you have an idea ?

I have the same problem! That and some other problems.

Ortur Laser burning squares instead of designs

If I get my problem fixed maybe you can get yours too!

Would recomend writing at

I pop here now and again but not as often as i should

It’s done I’m waiting for an answer.
I saw the same problem on several forums but there is never a solution …

A newbie here; experiencing the same problem on my fixed focus LM2 which I received 2 weeks ago. Started out fine then stopped mid burn. Now even when I hit fire at .25% it goes full blast. Caught me without my glasses the first time. I requested help from Ortur (3D printers) in Hawthorn Ca. I got a notice that they received my query but nothing else yet.