Unable to change min power on image

Not sure whats going on. Created this job a while back and wanted to adjust the min power percent. I know I set it when I originally created the file, but for some reason, I can’t change the min power now? It’s greyed out.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Neither your profile or your post mention what kind of machine you have. If you have a GCode controller, you’ll only be able to change Min Power if you’re using grayscale mode. Otherwise, it’s zero, set by the controller itself.

I was just coming back to say that, lol.

I must have originally had it set for grayscale, then changed to jarvis.

It’s my patented way of figuring something out. Ask for help and 5 minutes later I’ll figure it out.

Running Smoothie on a cohesion board on my cnc machine. I added a diode to it to be able to do larger items than will fit on my k40.

Thanks again!

Honestly, I think the cheap diode I have is dying so was just looking to compensate for it not burning as well as it did before. I was doing some identical items, same program, and it just kept fading so was looking to boost it.

I have a jtech 2.8 coming friday, so will probably chuck this diode and start from scratch then.

Thanks so much for your help.

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