Unable to get desired image engraving results

Im going to post screenshots of the settings I am running, along with the image I am trying to engrave. Currently engraving on some dibond to test before running it on the metal cards. I also attached an image of a card done by a company which is the result I am aiming for, and a picture of the result im getting. I am new to lightburn so still learning settings and such but I need to achieve solid engraving compared to the lines that you see in my engraving results. If any info thats necessary is missing let me know, this is my first forum post! (My engraving is the obviously bad looking one, my desired results is the clean one piece design)

Stucki Image Mode
.195 Line Interval
Negative Image Selected

Laser Settings:
Speed 1000mm/s
Max Power: 25%
Frequency: 30hz

I also have pass through selected which I thought would make it solid but it didnt change the results at all

This sounds like a fiber?

Have you spent a few minutes and watched the Laser Everything video on photoengraving. Just the interval information alone is worth the time…

It’s also done on a fiber… I think it will help you out a lot.

The pass through options uses the image as is. This is usually used when the interval or dot pattern are in the source file and you do not want Lightburn to apply a new fill or interval to an existing one…

Check out one of the masters here…

Good luck


This looks like exactly what i needed, going to watch now and will update if i get a successful engraving! Thank you

You can’t lose with this video…

Have fun


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