Unable to imoport files to Light Burn

program freezes up and I am unable to make a project on the laser. :pensive: :pensive:

Thank you for posting and sorry to hear you are having issues, but the image you post is so blurry, I cannot tell what you are showing. :slight_smile:

This is worth review, Basic Usage: The Essentials - LightBurn Software Documentation

This should help in understanding the best way to Ask for Help.

Lignt Burn does not let me “import” svg files. computer freezes up.

I am unable to open “any type of files” nothing. I click import and it freezes up.

Light Burn NOW is working???

Thx for your input

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First we have heard of this @RalphU. There is a known issue with the LBFileDialog utility that we are still trying to track down, but that is used for thumbnails, and simply moving a file would not kill that process if it was having an issue.

If @Desert_Wookworker rebooted, that would clear that process and start a new instance.

You can turn the loading of the LBFileDialog utility ON and OFF.

LBFileDialog.exe is a small helper app, and its whole job is just opening the standard Windows dialog to open a file. We do it this way in case you have a thumbnail previewer installed that crashes or locks it, so it doesn’t kill the entire app, causing lost data.

If you rename that to something like “LBFileDialog.exe.bak” so LightBurn can’t find it, it will fall back to using the internal Open dialog, and that will work.

I had this very issue - turned out I had “To Many” files in my folder, imported files from other folders no issue.

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