unable to load XTool_D1.lbdev into lightburn

I previously had a Windows 10 computer and now have a new Windows 11 computer and I have downloaded Lightburn. When Lightburn is opened it does not recognize my xTool D1 therefore, I cannot import XTool_D1.lbdev to allow Lightburn to recognize my D1. This is a real Catch 22.

Please explain why. Are you not getting an active ‘Import’ button in the Devices window?

Show us what you see when you open this window. :slight_smile:


My d1 does not show up under devices. Everything at the top is grayed out so I can’t import the D1.lbdev necessary to recognize the machine.

On the third screen when I push yes it just circles back to screen 2, if I push no the program closes

From your screenshot:

What happens when you try to ‘Import’ this device profile from the .lbdev file?

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