Unable to to get a job to the laser

I was working today on my laser, cutting at bit MDF and had my laptop parked on top of it. Thought thats not the smartest spot and moved it to a counter a bit away.

While doing so I must have pressed the emergency stop button. So after trying to get it going for 10 minutes I finally found out that it was pressed. So twisting it to pop back up, reset button and thought here we go again.

The “tmpfile” still in the machine does what it should when I hit start in the controller. But now I am not able to “overwrite” it. Whatever I send to the laser, Lightburn says the ransfer is ok. But its always still “tmpfile”. Even when just doing an upload.

If I hit start from Lightburn the laser going from idle to running, But nothing moves. Its busy doing nothing. I tried the usual tings (files, formating / erase it all) but that did not help either. Also remove the laser from LightBurn. Got it detected/added again. No difference.

Any idea? I am on a Mac running LightBurn 1.0. Just downgraded again to 0.9.23 getting suspicious. But it wont change anything either.

Nobody any advise? I am really stuck :frowning:

ok, so I installed RD Works 8.0 in a vm on my MacBook and hooked up the laser via USB. It works perfectly fine.

Back to lightburn (same hardware, same USB connection) and send a job to it. Nothing happens other than it changes from “idle” to “run” and starts counting the time. The laser stands still?

So this is now clearly a LightBurn issue. Any advice from the support?

Hi Holger,

there is a discussion going on about LightBurn 1.0.00 having issues with Mac and USB connections that is currently been investigated by the developers. You can follow this discussion here:

However, if this would be the case in your scenario all should be fine again if you go back to LightBurn Version 0.9.24 (which can still be downloaded here) or if you connect your Mac via an Ethernet Cable to the Ruida DSP.

Good luck and cheers,

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