Unclear error, laser will not run

I have an Ortur Laser Master Pro LU2-4 20W SF and was using LightBurn G-code with it. Everything was working just fine then installed a rotary attachment and enable the rotary function. Since then I have got an error stating the rotary will run outside it’s work area if I start to program. I restored the settings to before I installed the rotary (2-D surface) and removed the rotary. No error is showing but no program will run. When I select “Go to origin” or “Home” it will move to its respective position. I am able to enable “Fire” so the laser is operational.
Any help would be appreciated.

I believe your error message will be immediately above the top line reading:
“On or near line 4:” You should be able to scroll up in that window and see it.

It looks like LU2-4 is the laser module but not the controller model.

Is your engraver the Laser Master 2 Pro? It may be affected by the firmware update in mid December.

but first in console
press enter
once MSG: restoring defaults tap reset button on motherboard
Then download, unzip and follow pdf here please

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