Universal engraver 3000mw not being found during lightburn set up

i just purchased my universal engraver 3000mw, and i have downloaded the ch340 driver needed, and i have installed light burn. During the beginning set up, it will not “find” my device, i have uninstalled the ch340 driver and reinstalled and still no luck. When i check in my drivers, i can see that it is registering both the engraver and the driver for the software, but somehow in light burn it cant find it. I have never used light burn before, total newbie! I would try and manually select, but i do not know which controller it has, as the instructions are vague and mostly in Chinese… universal engraver support is no use either. Any help with which controller my machine has or how to make it pair with the software would be super appreciated!

Here’s a thread, you might need to setup your controller manually.


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