Unwanted lines while laser cutting

Hi! I just bought a laser cutter and installed a program for cutting called LightBurn. (Because the program coming with the laser cutter (Laser Engraver) wasnt enough for me).

Then, i draw a horse for Tangram Game (its a game about shapes). Its all okey for now but when i tried to print that horse with laser cutter, it draws unwanted lines likes in the image (orange lines).

I took that screen shot in LightBurn Program but i dont know how to avoid that line.

Please help me!

And if you have a better program suggestion for laser cutter i would happy to hear that.

Have a nice day…

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Yeah! GRBL 1.1f is the exact version that i use.
I typed $32=1 in the console and it suddenly solved. :partying_face:
I don’t know what to say. I feel like i owe you a favor . It really helped me a lot.
Thank you…

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