Update 1.0 laser wont move

I have update the latest version but now my laser wont even move

Have you selected the COM port it’s plugged in to?

Here, where it says (Choose):

i have similar problem since I put 1.0 but for me job not start anymore , have same controller but co2 laser

That is MacOS / Ruida / USB specific, and not relevant here.

Are you also on a Mac, using a Ruida controller?

yes m1 big sur MacBook rida 6449

Then try this version and let me know if it helps:

We’re trying to cluster all the related issues together.

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I still at 0,9 because 1,0 fix / 1,0,1 and 1,0 not work …

do you have any suggestions @LightBurn

Have a read here:

Please continue in that other thread (Version 1.0 - MacOS issues with Ruida) so we can keep things a little more organized.