Update/license Locked Out

When I opened Lightburn this morning it offered to update to 0.9.19 and then I got this popup after the update. When I bought my license it was my understanding that it was good for life, but I could not upgrade to v1 when it is released. Now my copy has been disabled.

Why am I locked out?

It shouldn’t have suggested you download it if you’re not eligible to use it. I’ve pushed your expiry date forward a couple days, as that was all you were off by.

Your license is for life, but your updates stop a year after purchase unless you renew the key. That’s what the ‘Valid, but expired’ status is telling you. Your screen shot doesn’t include a pop up, so I’m assuming you mean the “This version was released after your license expired” one?

Thank you. If it suggests an update again I should just say no? I thought the cutoff was the version change to V1, did not understand the year.

You can always roll back to a previous version - we post all of them on a public releases archive - but it’s supposed to tell you if the version being suggested is within your update period. I’ll check to make sure that’s working as it should.

thanks again

Not sure how that might have happened. Here is our licensing information which should help in understanding how it works. :slight_smile:

You guys are definitely fair :slight_smile: I just misunderstood what I read a year ago.

My only issue is when I save gcode to send to bCNC (my computer is crashy, Pi is not) it saves as .gc and I have to remember to change that to .gcode before bCNC will see it. Haven’t found that in the options. a way to change the default

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