Upgrade to 32-bit?

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i am unsure if i want to upgrade my Atomstack A5 system from a 8-bit to a 32 bit controller.
Since i’m engraving photos with an line intervall of 0.11mm the system will stuck at areas with a high amount of pixels. I think that comes through too much gcode instructions that cant be handled by the controller. This problem will occur at speeds higher 2000. So normaly i would go upgrading to 32 bit to drive at higher speeds but i think i can remember that someone said that wood wont engrave good at speed higher than 2500-3000 (something with response time where the laserbeam needs to react with the material).

So now im not sure if it’s worth the time and the money to upgrade the system to have a little speed boost.

Maybe someone here who hase experience in upgrading from 8 to 32 bit?

Kind regards

Excluding the communication advantage, the value to you would be moving from an 8 bit pwm to a 16 bit pwm.

The 8 bit pwm only has 255 steps from 0, whereas the 16 bit has the whole 16 bit step range of 65536.

More control over the laser…


2000 what? Inches per minute?

Edit: That can’t be it. MM/Minute makes more sense.

He’s got an led laser, so it’s probably mm/m…

Even with an Arduino, there’s no mechanical mechanism on these that are quicker than the micro.

IMHO, the advantage is in communications and pwm control. What else does it need to do…?


Seems like if you’re serious about engraving wood, you might want to look into upgrading your laser wattage and controller. I’m not sure what the price upgrade is to go to a 32-bit controller, but I think your 20w laser is going to be your next bottleneck.

For reference, I can get pretty good images at around 125mm/sec (7500mm/min) but I’ve got a 100w co2 laser w/ a Ruida controller.

It says an M50 laser module. That’s got 10 watt output according to the ad I read, as it engraves metal also.

IMHO your luck to get 10% out of what you put in, it’s good. 50 watts in, I’d bet on 5 watts out… 10 is stretching it.

I do most of my engraving at around 10 to 15% at around 300mm/s sometimes slower but the 200 to 300 range seems effective. I have a 50 (44) watt and it’s putting out maybe near 5 watts.

You probably can’t get that low with your 100 watt machine… The problem with high power dc excited lasers is the low end is missing, just where you need it for good engraving. Great for cutting…

I keep looking at RF excited machines, but the cost makes me cringe.


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