Upgrade to dsp licentie

Dear sir
I upgraded my license to a dsp license again on Saturday, I paid for it with pay pal. I know that I have to deactivate my license and then reinsert my license code then that would be fine but it doesn’t work for me I also know that I have to wait 24 hours. what else do I need to do to get this right?

I would email support@lightburn.com - Today is a Bank Holiday in the USA so I wouldn’t expect an immediate reply but the folks there are really helpful and will have all the tools to address any Licence concerns that you might have.

Your first sentence does not match with my understanding of the DSP licence renewal process.

Sometimes people have ‘deactivated’ a computer then reactivated it.

If I recall, they update these by hand. Doing it at the start of a 3 day holiday weekend that isn’t over yet may create a problem with the ‘24 hour’ thing.

Good luck


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