Upgraded Lightburn Software and now the job quits about 80% of the way through

I have a file that I have used several times now and I upgraded my Lightburn software to LightBurn 1.2.04, built Thu 2022-10-13 @ 14:13
Created by LightBurn Software, LLC
I tried to burn it twice now and both times it stops about 80% of the way through. I am using an xTool D1 10W for about a year now and have used Lightburn since I started about a year ago. This is the 1st time I have experienced this. I have double checked my USB ports and made sure the power saving is turned off. I am hard wired to the engraver from my laptop. I have done one other project in between successfully and cleaned everything. I’m stumped.
Thanks for your advice.

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I went back to download the Lightburn software and this time I actually downloaded the EXCAD2 driver. I went in and checked my Windows power saving options and when I did a Windows update they had turned back on my power saving for the hard drive and the screen. I turned them back off and am now on a burn at 2 hours 35 mins and still going just fine.
Thank you

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Do you mean the EZCAD2 driver for Galvo lasers?
It shouldn’t change anything on an xTool D1.

Glad you discovered Windows power savings settings being messed with during their update.