Upgraded to V22 and laser stoped burning

Upgraded to new version and laser stopped burning. Moves and follows commands. Light on but no power.

Almost seeems to be taking setting from fire button.

Did first burn fine. Did a burn with 2 layers and failed

OS version and share your current firmware settings for that setup. Do you use a macro to change from CNC to lasing mode?

This is worth review to ensure your configuration and setting are as they should be for proper operation.

Windows 10 not sure how to show firmware

From the post I linked above. :slight_smile: You can post back what you see.

Just downgraded
Got same issue. Replaced prefs.ini from backup and it worked.

Glad to hear you are sorted. :slight_smile:

Not really. I am now on the old version and had to overwrite prefs.ini with an old version.
When I reinstall with the latest version will it reoccur and can I use the old prefs.ini with the new version?

LightBurn should use your currently working prefs.ini file after an update. Not sure why this had an issue, but I would try to update to our latest again and see if this resolves. You can always go back, as you have, if it does not work.

If you’re still having issues if you move forward, it’s most likely one specific setting - Enable DTR:

The handling of that flag was broken for a couple versions, and is now fixed and working correctly, but if your setting is wrong that’s probably all it is.

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