Upside down job

When I import a file into lightburn it comes in right side up. If I close the file and reopen it it’s upside down. I have to either rotate the material or the job. Any ideas?
Eleksmaker A3 pro, George Simon module 2w, Timothy Rothman board. Black and blue. Doesn’t seem to happen all the time. Intermittent. Disclaimer. I need more time to investigate.

Are you working with multiple device profiles or possibly changing the device origin setting? If so, that could give the appearance of the image flipping.

Yes. Multiple instances. Mac OS actually all the above. Each laser has different homing origin’s. I’m not the smartest man in the world. I’m probably doing something wrong.

Designs are really only good in the origin that they were created. If you ever load for a device with a different origin than then one it was originally created in then you need to reorient the design to accommodate.

No way around it at the moment as that’s just how it works.

We’ll that’s interesting considering you have to close the job to see the problem. Guess I’m forewarned. The thing is I created it in that origin.

If you’re creating and opening with the same origin this shouldn’t happen. I’m curious if your multi-instance scenario is potentially flipping the other instance before save or something.

Would be ideal if you could narrow down a simple test scenario where this occurs to help the Devs.

I’m starting over today. Going to reinstall each laser one at a time. Just need to find my note’s. What’s a devs? Nm I get it. At least the security issue seems to be fixed. Btw. It also screwed up my absolute. I’m going to look into repairing the ports and cleaning house. May be awhile. Apple doesn’t like 3rd party.

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