Usage of 3d mouse

Is it possible to use a 3d Mouse for moving the workspace ?
Like a 3dconnexion mouse (i use it for fusion 360 for 3d modelling)

Not today, here is a previous thread covering the issue. We wanted to but then…

I used a 3dconnexion mouse for a number of years, primarily with Sketchup (which was great when it worked and didn’t crash the system) and it was great fun with Google Earth. However, as time went on, the software install package became more and more unwieldy and HUGE. It was also annoying that you had to reinstall 3dconnexion whenever one of the supported programs was updated. Last year I permanently unplugged my mice (I had it in two locations) and won’t go back to it.

I also don’t see any value for a 2D program like LightBurn.

Hmm, I’ve never had a problem at all with the software. The only application that’s had serious issues with mine was Kerbal Space Program - took me a while to figure out KSP wasn’t as horrendously glitchy as I thought as long as you didn’t touch the 3D mouse.

I find it quite handy for 2D drawings in Altium Designer, particularly if you have to do a lot of detail work all over the drawing and you’re zooming and panning all the time.

I emailed them and they refused to send information about using the SDK unless I phoned them, which seems ludicrous, given that it’s ultimately going to be a link they send me by email.


I do wonder…, if you called, would you get an automated, voice recognition system? “Thank you for your call. Press three to have us send you a link to our SDK.”

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