USB connexion problem

Weird problem:
If AtomStack A5 Pro is connected to iMac 27 with USB cable running Monterey latest version: no problem AtomStack appears immediatly in LightBurn and everything works as expected.
If AtomStack A5 Pro is connected to MacBook Pro (old) ruuning El Capitan latest version: AtomStack is not seen in LightBurn. I have tried same or different USB cables, short or long etc, through USB hub powered externaly or not same problem, never is it automatically detected.
I wonder why ? The problem is I need to use AtomStack burner away from office work with MacBook.
Anybody any ideas ?
Thank you for help.

I’ve seen lots of Mac connecting type problems.

I think that opening the Laser window and selecting a COM port manually is the first step. Mac seems to select cu.bluetooth stuff preferentially.

In the Laser window, click the bottom middle button which may say Auto or COM something. Look for an option that doesn’t say bluetooth - click that option and see if the welcome message appears in the Console window. My engravers make a small noise when they connect. You may hear a small noise if yours connects.

You’re not likely to have a huge pile of options to try here and each attempt should be known to be working or not in 3-5 seconds by the appearance of the welcome message in the Console window.

This is where my line of thinking is going:

the next thing to try is the CH340 driver but please answer back letting us know if it connects or not.

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