USB Flash Drive not recognized

Test file created in LightBurn Trial and saved to Flash Drive, however the file saves without the lbrn extension. Does the Ruida 6446G need to see this extension with the file name? Ruida displays ‘No Files’ message.

The Flash Drive has been used many times and is formatted FAT.

What must I do to have the Ruida read my file?


I have tried this option several times without success. I always get the ‘NO FILE’ message.

I use an old 1Gb USB stick formatted FAT and it works fine.
Plug it into the UDISK input not the USB interface connection

Check that your UDISK outlet on the machine is actually cabled through to the controller

your saved file should have .rd extension

Like you I am using an older 1Gb stick formatted FAT and cabeling is all intact. My file is TEST.rd.

I even tried going right to the controller with the stick without any luck. I’m lost

One thing to check, any of the thumb drives that had any security feature of any kind have a mini Linux partition at the front of the drive. If the controller sees that, that is as far as it goes. Pop the thumb drive in your PC and use diskpart to see what’s on it. Also, do a full format, not a quick. Think of the controller as an old DOS machine and treat it accordingly.


Dave01, this did the trick and the controller sees the USB drive.

Thank you…Paul

I work with a lot of legacy equipment, and even some modern items that don’t use DHCP. The ‘hidden’ Linux partition for the security set up is fairly standard on the thumb drives, and Windows ignores it and heads for it’s partition.

Most laser machiines are just what I said, think of them as old DOS machines and you will have a good idea of what it’s trying o accomplish. Most of the controllers operate in a proprietary machine code and communicate to the outside world at a DOS level with a basic GUI over that. A VERY basic GUI.

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Extremely good advice that will help a lot of people!

That is with just about any ‘legacy’ equipment.

As a general rule, if I get a thumb drive with a security sector, that is the first thing that is stripped if I’m going to use it to transport data to an unknown device. Nothing like getting an hour or two out of the office and finding the machine won’t recognize the thumb drive. The dual Mac / PC drives can be just as bad. You can have both, but the PC partition has to be first. The regular computers, PC or Mac, will read it just fine, they are hunting for their own language. But ‘dumb’ devices go for the first partition, and if they don’t see what they want, they give up the ghost.

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