USB wire came out

On my usb, a wire came out of the connection from usb to camera. Is this fixable or do I just need to replace?

Can you take a photo of the connector that shows the issue?

Hi, thank you for your assistance.

That’s repairable but would require the right tooling. The metal connector left in the white housing can be removed by carefully depressing a release tab that’s part of the metal connector and pulling out. The release tab should be visible from the flat portion of the white housing.

You would need a crimping tool and replacement connector. Would look something like this:

There is a wide variety of crimping tools at different prices and quality levels.

From a pure cost perspective for a one time thing it may be cheaper to just replace the whole cable. Going DIY would save you money long term if you envision yourself making or repairing cables more frequently.

Surely a new USB cable would be a lot cheaper and easier than buying the crimper, terminals, etc. A new cable is < US$10 on Amazon.

Thank you for your response! Good thing for me that my wife is a avid jeweler. We have the tools. But I do believe I will order a new cable and fix the current connector at my leisure. I really appreciate the detailed response. Much appreciated.

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Thank you for responding. I did not know that I could buy a new one on amazon. I will look for it right now! Thanks :+1:


Is there any way that you could possibly send me the link to the replacement cable? I looked but cannot find it. Thanks!

Take a look at this post. You’d need to make sure the connector size is in fact the same.

Yes, that is something I was considering as well. That’s why I asked for a link. I cant seem to find lightburn cables on amazon. But the links you sent are something to definitely consider. Alibaba has everything :+1:

I haven’t looked for some time but it was surprisingly difficult to find this specific cable type on Amazon when I last looked.

Yes, I suppose i will buy a new one and fix this one. Thank you for all your help. :+1:

Is this a LightBurn camera? If so, we offer replacement camera cables. :slight_smile:

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Nice. Are these not discoverable from the website? I didn’t even know these existed.

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We include cabling when purchasing our cameras, so there isn’t much need. Only for the rare situation, so we don’t have them promoted. :wink:

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Yes it is a Lightburn camera. It happened while I was installing it. I just got the housing unit centered on my Boss 1420 and actually I am not sure how it happened at all. But I set it all up and went to calibrate it and no joy. Went over to look at the camera and thats when I seen it.

But thank you for letting me know that you sell replacements. I will be ordering one (or 3 or 4) after this message.

Thank you for responding!

Since your wife is a jeweler, she will have the tools to remove the pin from the housing and then you can reinsert the wire into the pin and a bit of silver solder would hold quite nicely then reinsert the pin into the connector. It is about a two minute repair or a bit longer if you have not done before. A jewelers micro torch is pretty hot so care must be taken not to melt the insulation on the wire — too much. It will melt a little. Would be easier with a soldering iron and solder. I could do it either way but then again I have had a lot of practice.

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